seventy seven is a lifestyle brand and small business based in Las Vegas, Nevada, featuring fun & colorful accessories, made with love and a nod of nostalgia. Our products are handmade, curated and designed with happiness in mind while honoring the inspiration from the good ole' 70s and 80s.
about seventy seven
founded by Bree Cooley in 2019, seventy seven was always a vision of hers. a place where she could design, create and curate fun products that make people happy!  spreading love and positivity is who Bree is. influenced by a cheerful mix of childhood memories filled of stickers, scented markers, coloring books, lite brite and fashion plates. crayolas were her go-to and rainbow brite was her muse. from the dynamite, groovy days of the 70s to the awesome, shoulder pad filled days of the 80s, Bree is inspired by the past and ready for the future. combined with her keen sense of style and more than two decades working in the entertainment & fashion world, seventy seven was born out of love and a passion to brighten the world, one accessory a time! fun_bright_color_rainbow_acrylic _statement_earrings_accessories